Triangle 120 x 160

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Triangle 120 x 160

Triangle 120 x 160

Bean Bag Triangle 120 x 160

Triangle Bean Bag has the ability to adjust its shape according to the shape of our body, as soon as we relax on it! 

  • Cover:
    • Discoloration Endurance ☼ note 5-6
    • Water repellent 
    • Double Covering (removable)
  • Care:
    The outer cover is washable at low temperature (max 30°C).
    Do not tumble dry
  • Closing: 
    Metal Zipper (5mm coil).
  • Weight:
    Easy to carry (light weight).
  • Filling:
    Due to filling's large volume, the price includes only the coverings (empty), in order for the shipping cost to be decreased. You can find Polystyrene pearls to fill in your bean bag at a local store. If you wish to order a ready to use product (filled) please contact with us. 

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